The Best Offsite Locations in Chicago

The Best Offsite Locations in Chicago

Even though it’s the third most populous city in America, Chicago doesn’t always get the credit it deserves—in fact, it’s got a history of being runner-up. But true Chicagoans understand exactly what it’s like to live in The Second City. They know it’s not coastal like New York or LA, but the beaches are incredible. They know winters in the city can be tough, but they’re no worse than Boston or Detroit. They know Chicago doesn’t always win the championship game, but it is home to 15 major and minor league teams. And they know the city boasts a vibrant food industry, a bustling arts and music scene, and some of the country’s best comedy clubs. Plus, the economy is a major selling point. It’s a diverse place to work in a variety of industries, providing a home for startups, manufacturing facilities, and head offices for foreign and domestic organizations alike.

We know Chicago—it’s a work hard, play hard kind of city. Efficiency and flexibility are essential if you want to make that 4:30 p.m. tee time or take advantage of the city’s many happy hours. We have dozens of private office spaces (that means no sharing with other organizations) available throughout Chicago, and they all have one thing in common: they’ll up productivity so you can finish your day and enjoy your evening. Here are a few of our favourite Chicago offsite spaces, along with some insider tips on their amenities and locations.

When you need a convenient satellite office

Every fast-growing company knows what it’s like to lease an office that eventually fails to accommodate their increasing size. Between a growing team, part-time consultants, summer interns, and conflicting meetings, space can get pretty tight, pretty quick. And with Chicago parking prices, if you’re expanding into a second space, you’ll want one that’s accessible from your existing office, whether it’s a short walk or a quick Ventra ride away.

If you’re caught in a lease for another six months and need some extra desks, the following options are available long-term, have ensuite kitchenettes and include both desk and lounge seating. Need some extra space on a less regular basis? You can always book a Breather for occasional recurring meetings too.

Some of our picks for a long-term offices:

  • 121 West Wacker Drive: This River North unit is designed to be the satellite office of your dreams with ensuite kitchenette, multiple breakout rooms and two large open offices made for everyday work. 
  • 954 West Washington Boulevard: Roomy enough for your entire company but cozy enough for breakout meetings, this Fulton Market space is near favorite “sammich” shops like Au Cheval (ideal for lunch or after-work drinks), the iconic J.P. Graziano Grocery Co., and Cemitas Puebla, which also offers catering services.
  • 122 South Michigan Avenue: Located conveniently in the heart of The Loop, this office space is just across from the lake, near Lake Shore Drive, and right beside Millennium Park (for maximum ambiance). It’s also accessible by Pedway during the winter months.

When you’re looking for some peace and quiet

Sometimes it’s not a nearby space you need, but rather a space to get away from it all. Whether you work in Chicago’s tech, finance, publishing, or food processing industries, a private space can work wonders on your ability to play catch-up. Booking a Breather for a few hours may be just what you need to amp up productivity, hold interviews, or make some hands-free calls.

Both of these spaces are ideal if you’re taking the L, provide full accessibility with elevators, and offer dual seating—a table and chairs for when you first arrive, and a couch and coffee table for when you need a change of scenery.

Some of our faves for productivity:

  • 205 West Wacker Drive: Like all Breathers, this airy space in The Loop is designed to spark creativity and optimize productivity. Also handy: we’ve got a space right next door in case coworkers get jealous of your ridiculously high output.
  • 230 West Huron Street: There’s no denying the Instagram-ability of this River North workspace. Take a few minutes to work that white brick wall into your grid and then get down to business.

When you’re in strategy mode

You need to book an offsite for your leadership team and you need it now. If your team is in strategy mode—reworking a sales plan, adjusting your unique value proposition, or pivoting business direction altogether—you may want an interruption-free space where senior leaders can focus. These collaborative spaces are budget-friendly but have room for breakouts too, meaning your team can keep that creative energy flowing.

These offsite spaces offer all the tools you need to brainstorm: whiteboards, flat screens, Apple TV, HDMI cords and more. Plus, with wifi included in all Breather spaces, you have the freedom to put your phone on airplane mode and focus on the tasks at hand. Real talk: you don’t even need to let your team know where you are. We won’t tell.

Some of our faves for strategic planning:

  • 308 West Erie Street: Located in River North just outside The Loop, this space is basically like a staycation—a chance to get away from it all without the travel time. Plus, it has a great views to stare at while waiting for inspiration to hit.
  • 1 North LaSalle Street: A central location in Central Loop means this space is conveniently close to your office and the best downtown lunch spots, including a couple of Giordano’s deep dish pizza joints.

With dozens of workspaces in Chicago and more being added, Breather can solve your team’s meeting and offsite needs. Browse the rest of our Chicago workspaces, or check out the other cities we’ve got covered.

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