Best Meeting Venues for Hire in London

Best Meeting Venues for Hire in London

It’s not unusual for people to feel as though they’re overworked but those working and living in London might have a real reason to feel this way. Studies show that Londoners work two hours longer per week than those in the rest of the U.K., which adds up to three weeks over a year. To make sure all that time spent in the office is as enjoyable as possible, we’ve selected some of our fave London venues for hire. Each will help get you through the workday—and maybe even allow you to skive off a bit early on Friday.

When you’ve got clients in from out of town

With so many international business meetings happening around the clock, convenience is key—these London offsite venues are less than 20 minutes from St. Pancras International (an easy transit for those fresh off the Eurostar). They’re also available for short let, provide excellent WiFi for guests and are located near (but still far enough away from) popular tourist destinations to satisfy both locals and visitors.

Some of our faves for hosting clients:

15 Crinan Street (Kings Cross):
With room for 48, this large space is perfect for bringing people together; whether they’re a client just off the Eurostar from Brussels or your regional manager coming in from Hull. It’s so close to Kings Cross St. Pancras, you barely have to leave the station.

Staples Inn Building South (Chancery Lane):
Located in a historic Tudor building on Holborn Road, this space has all the natural charm (and natural light) you’d expect from a 500-year-old building. Perfect for leaving a lasting impression.

When you need to tackle some work between meetings

When your schedule is full of back-to-back offsite meetings, it doesn’t make sense to travel around town. And really, why should you fight for space, search for available outlets or struggle with Costa Coffee’s public WiFi in when you can have a tech-ready space all to yourself?

The Breathers listed below offer all the conveniences of being at the office—great internet, free coffee and tea, a lift—and none of the distractions. Plus, with multiple seating options, you’ll stay comfortable as you check tasks off your to-do list.

Some of our faves for focus:

100 Clifton Street (Shoreditch):
This Breather is ideal if you work in media or publishing—the neighborhood is chock-a-block with creatives. When work is done, walk over to the Old King’s Head for a pint (speed walking will get you there in about 15 seconds).

15a Hanover Street (Mayfair):
We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that this space is right next to a Pret a Manger. You really can’t get lunch (a ham and cheese toastie, obviously) much closer than this.

When your team needs a reset

We all hit ruts occasionally—and the best way to get out of them is to change your environment. Stepping away from your typical office will allow everyone to focus on the big picture and provide a much-needed jolt of productivity and creativity.

These cool meeting rooms in London will provide privacy, not just from other companies, but from the rest of your organization, too. With an inspiring space for brainstorming, your team will be back on track in no time.

Some of our faves for team offsites:

#2–25 Dover Street (Mayfair):
This space is just like your team: small, but sweet. The homey layout makes it ideal for open communication and the bright design is sure to spark creativity. Plus, Berkeley Square Gardens is a few blocks away in case you want to nip out for some fresh air.

21 Poland Street (Soho):
Equipped with productivity tools like phone chargers, Apple TV and HDMI cords, this Breather’s got it all—including a beautiful rooftop terrace! If your offsite meeting happens to land on Thirsty Thursday, invite your team to The Green Man for a tipple.


Browse the rest of our London workspaces, or check out the other cities we’ve got covered.


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