Breather looks to bring in-person balance back to the work-from-home world with Passport

Breather looks to bring in-person balance back to the work-from-home world with Passport

The new service provides flexible, on-demand office space for a low monthly subscription

It isn’t hyperbolic to say that the COVID-19 pandemic and the corresponding work-from-home revolution has indelibly and permanently altered the commercial real estate industry. Yet, as companies look ahead to the future, their plans still include some form of in-person office component, except now with a need for more flexibility and convenience for their employees. To meet this demand, Breather is excited to launch Passport, a flexible, affordable, and safe way for companies to access private workspace on their terms.

There’s something missing in the “new normal”

When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, employers responded swiftly and accordingly, shifting to a primarily remote workforce which helped reduce the risk of transmission in both tight office quarters and packed public transit commutes. As the months went on, one surprise among companies was just how popular this new work-from-home lifestyle was. Employees were no longer encumbered by their region (and a commute) to do their jobs, giving them the flexibility  to spend more time focusing  on life outside of work: taking care of family members, helping with at-home schooling, adopting puppies, and a whole lot more.

This realignment has caused companies to completely reevaluate their real estate footprint. The days of a large central headquarters with hundreds of employees occupying offices 5 days a week are gone. The commercial real estate market in major cities worldwide is dwindling, with rentals way down and tenants doing all they can to get out of long-term leases.

In spite of how quickly the workforce has adapted, however, something is missing. According to a recent survey conducted by JLL, a commercial real estate company, 44 percent of employees say they miss “human interactions” with coworkers. We’re social beings. The shift to a fully atomized workforce is ideal for a number of things, but the in-person aspect of employment is still vital for fostering a strong corporate culture and building collaboration among employees.

In short, as companies are looking to build out their long-term office strategies, they’re weighing large central offices against more remote-focused models, coupled with in-person office interactions on a more flexible basis. Enter Breather Passport.

Passport is here to enable crucial in-person interactions

To help companies return to work on their own terms, Breather has introduced Passport, a flexible way to capture the in-office dynamic when and where it’s most convenient for companies, whether they need a temporary office solution, additional space to account for social distancing, or have ditched a permanent office entirely. 

Passport is a monthly membership that gives companies access to private office space across ten major markets in the U.S., the U.K. and Canada.  Spaces are equipped with everything that’s needed for a productive day (WiFi, whiteboards, TV, etc.), perfect for team meetings, trainings, or simply as a space for focused work.. The spaces are available on demand, giving companies the option to book when they need it conveniently through the Breather app or website. What’s more, all spaces include enhanced cleaning measures to insure that safety precautions are taken.

Passport works on a monthly subscription price that can be as low as $15 per person. Offices are split into small team options capable of accommodating 12 employees, or large team offices that can handle as many as 50 employees, all with social distance requirements factored in. When you choose a subscription plan through Passport, you’re able to select five, ten, or 20 passes per month that you and your team can use to book the space. Upgrading a plan is simple if it turns out you need more passes or more space month to month.

Getting started with Breather Passport

While by and large, employees have adapted admirably to their remote work reality, there are certain aspects of work that rely on in-person interactions to thrive. Breather Passport can be a crucial inclusion in a company’s long-term office strategy, leveraging the flexibility of on-demand office space to fill in what’s missing from the remote work environment. 

Interested in Breather Passport? Get started today.

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