Dealing with Change at Work? Here’s How to Make it Work for You

Dealing with Change at Work? Here’s How to Make it Work for You

The worst thing about change at the office is that it often has nothing to do with you. No matter the size of the company you work for, unless you’re part of the C-suite, or have a director role change can leave you feeling like collateral damage—or worse—barely part of the change at all.

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Change at work doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, there are ways to make it work for you and your career. Avoid feeling like collateral—instead use it as an opportunity to have an open and honest discussion with your manager about your career goals. Here are some ways you can open up a dialogue with your boss and show them you’re ready to manage up.

Use your one-on-ones as a way to talk about growth.

Unfortunately, one-on-one meetings with your manager have a tendency to slide into talking about what you’re working on now, or what’s due this week. But this time should really be used to talk about what skills you want to develop, and what you can be doing better.

Get good at giving and receiving feedback.

Speaking of which, knowing how to receive and give feedback (especially to someone who is higher ranking than you!) is a crucial skill. Here are some tips.

Learn how to (respectfully) disagree with your boss.

One thing’s true about work: no matter how high you go, you always report to someone. So, learn how to disagree in a healthy way, now.

Look for small opportunities to practice leadership skills.

Show that you’re looking to take more on by introducing new concepts and taking on different roles. You could lead a brainstorm meeting, for instance, or offer to facilitate a retrospective. More tips for how to run effective meetings here.

Learn how to manage up.

Knowing how to work for and with your boss is crucial to making progress at your company. To do your job effectively, develop a healthy working relationship with your manager.

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