Designing for a New Way to Work

Designing for a New Way to Work

Interior Design Manager, Amy Johnson, on how our designers keep things fresh, consistent and inspiring.

Your environment has an effect on you. From the lack of natural light in a room, to the color on the walls, your surroundings can impact everything from your mood to your appetite to your productivity. As interior designers, this is something we think about all the time. Our role at Breather is to create a space that’s beautiful, functional and just feels good. Beyond considering the form and function of a space, our team also thinks about all the intangibles—playfulness, emotional resonance, fun—when approaching a new location.

115-125 West 30th Street, 11th Floor, New York

Creating spaces that both feel and look good is so central to our process that we work closely with both the real estate and in-house construction teams to remodel or refit spaces when necessary. The teams work together to ensure every space is optimized for not only our clients’ needs but to meet our own standards. In short, we care about good design.

The role of the interior design department is to anticipate the needs of the customer and to optimize the space for those needs in a consistent way. We learn something new about our customers every day and we’ve become adept at understanding why and how people use our spaces. As the company grows, the challenge is to ensure the quality of our design remains exceptional.

25 Dover Street, 4th floor, #2 London, UK

Does investing in workplace interior design make a difference? Of course! But I’m biased, don’t just take my word for it. We hear overwhelmingly that the aesthetic and thoughtful design of our spaces helps spark creativity, cancel distraction and bolster the confidence of our customers.

We make this happen with the expertise of our talented and highly efficient interior design department. They work hard to ensure our design DNA is not only seen but felt in each and every space. That means every element of the room—from the wall colors to the density of the sofa foam to the book selection—has been carefully considered. We pride ourselves on creating a consistent experience without replicating the same space over and over.

44 Welbeck Street, 1st Floor, #1 London, UK

One of the ways we do that is by partnering with established designers and tastemakers as part of our Design Collective program. Working with outside design and furniture companies brings a fresh perspective to our process and also allows us to integrate some exceptional pieces in our location design. We strive to include unique design details in all of our spaces.

When it comes to the overall philosophy, our design vision is equal parts professional and refreshing. We believe that people deserve to feel uplifted when they walk into our spaces. Whether it’s for a business pitch, an offsite, a brainstorm or a workshop, our role is to ensure the design of the room elevates the experience without overpowering it. Our spaces are designed for collaboration and engineered for focus.

120 E 8th Street, Los Angeles

Essentially, we want everyone who interacts with a space to have that “wow” moment. As designers, we get that feeling when we see a piece—art, furniture, tchotchkes—that both perfectly fulfils a need and fits seamlessly with the environment we’re creating.

One of our goals is to continue sharing our knowledge and research about how we’re helping to change people’s idea of what an “office” or “workspace” can or should look like. By giving a voice to our talented team, we’re able to share the process behind the space. Constant collaboration and new challenges allows us to be at the forefront of a brand new and exciting world of space design.

9314 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles

In case you hadn’t noticed, our interior design team consists of some mega talent. Follow them here: @caravan.interiors, @leigh.morton.interiors, @sophfidler, @kyleadamsgoforth, @martina.di.interiors.

Stay up-to-date on Breather’s latest spaces @Breather.

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