Why we read: here’s how books end up in our spaces.

Why we read: here’s how books end up in our spaces.

A careful selection of reading materials can be found in every Breather—we asked our junior location designer Martina Di Bacco about her process, and why it’s important to get lost in a good book.

Explain your work.

I work with the location designers to make sure spaces get furnished from A-Z. The Locations team designs about 20–30 spaces a month so this means A LOT of furniture. I purchase everything and make sure it all arrives in time for space launches. Most of the time, I’m coordinating with vendors and yelling at them for not getting our items in on time!

Table of books in Montreal.

How do you go about selecting books for each space?

I’m so picky! It always takes me about an hour to get a good selection of books for spaces. I love interior design and architecture books, obviously. So lately, anything Taschen is quite an easy pick. But, I also like to think about who our users are and what would get them to actually take a “breather” by stopping to read a book. Anything that has a title like “whatever you think, think the opposite” is definitely something I picture a Breather user picking up.

Books by Taschen in NYC.

How do you source books? Does it depend on the location?

Sourcing books is interesting — I’m super biased so I definitely pick books by their titles and covers (no shame). If the title doesn’t catch my eye I probably won’t select it for a space. At the end of the day, the book covers also have to compliment the well designed spaces. Location matters! So when I was ordering books for London, I researched best-sellers in the UK. I snuck in a book about cute cats and the London team was like “No! No cat books.”

A selection from Claire de Rouen Books in London.

Why should books be in workspaces?

I think this is super important. Your brain needs a break from the screen. Something we don’t do enough. If a book catches your eye, you’re likely to stop and pick it up.

Where is your favourite place to read a good book?

Definitely the beach!

A book nook in San Francisco.

Do you have a favourite book?

I really enjoy flipping through The Book of Palms, Eames, and Concrete—all Taschen editions!

Like books? So do we.

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