Making Creative Approvals as Smooth as Your Creative

Making Creative Approvals as Smooth as Your Creative

We can all learn how to work better. To help make the creative process run just a little smoother we’ve partnered with NOBL, organizational and team design firm, to host a Good Talk on Collaborating for Creativity in Los Angeles this Wednesday, July 18th from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

NOBL’s Paula Cizek, will conduct a fire side chat with Jamaal Layne of SONOS and Sarah Kim editor-in-chief of By Way Of, a magazine focusing on entrepreneurial women. The talk will be followed by a brief workshop on the same topic.

RSVP here and read about how to improve ROAs below.

Get everyone in a the same room

Make sure everyone who is involved in the work and approvals ladder is in the room so they can weigh in and so they can all consent to the new plan.

Get specific

Map out the way work flows through the team and who is the person who needs to approve work before it moves forward (this doesn’t mean people who will see work along the way, this is where work stops until it’s approved).

Put it on paper

It’s better to be overly specific here, put names down for each step and make sure everyone feels like it’s safe to try. Ideally, there will be some pulling down of authority to allow more junior team members to take on the approver responsibility where it’s safe for the team and the work.

Try it out! You can always adjust

Schedule an approvals retro one month out from when the process is mapped out. You can make any edits if things aren’t running smoothly or if things aren’t feeling safe but it’s better to get something down and try it rather than stress about making draft 1 perfect.

Want to hear how others tackled the same issue? Come to our LA Good Talk on Tuesday, July 19th. RSVP here

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