Movers & Shakers: Nicholas Provenzano

Movers & Shakers: Nicholas Provenzano

We’re all about people doing cool things with Breather. From innovative startups to creatives to amazing business minds, this section highlights all the ways Breather fits your work life. Meet Nicholas Provenzano, the NYC-based florist and founder of Petite Posy.

Why did you start Petite Posy?

I was frustrated by the quality of flowers that fell into the inexpensive category in NYC. The flowers were either damaged or almost spent and would almost always die overnight. I’ve been working with flowers for years as a hobby in Australia, where I grew up. It was just such a natural step.

Describe what you do.

Petite Posy offers Posies starting at only $20, plus delivery to anywhere in our Uber Rush delivery network starting at only $5. In addition to our daily posies we also offer scheduled and private classes and gift vouchers.

What does an average day look like (if there is such a thing)?

Our days start at 4 a.m., we get up and go to the flower markets as they open, so we can get each days freshest flowers. We then decide what flowers will go into that days posy and snap a photo. Publish it our social media channels and wait for that days orders to rolls in. The first orders to go out each day are our pre-orders. We continue making and sending out flowers until we sell out. Depending on the day that can be any time from mid morning to mid afternoon.

What motivates you?

I have such a green thumb and love gardening and flowers. I only get to visit my house and garden (and chickens and ducks!) on weekends. Working with flowers gets me through the week living in NYC.

How did you hear about Breather?

I first heard about Breather when I first moved to NYC. I was riding the C and was still new enough to that experience that I would always read all the advertisements. Breather was there! A quick Google later and I knew this was how I could make it work!

How do you use it? Why?

I use Breather for Petite Posy when I teach my classes. There’s no on-going contract and I can book re-occuring classes for the whole year. The spaces are always clean and tidy and because I get to see photos of the space in the app, I can always choose a space whose design fits my business aesthetic. It’s much more cost effect for my online business that doesn’t need a permanent physical location.

What’s your favourite thing about living and working in New York City?

My favorite thing about New York is that its always awake. Waking up at 4am each week day lends itself to some unique sleeping patterns. Each morning I get up there’s always people around, doing just normal everyday things. I’ve also noticed this when getting pre-orders too. Sometimes I get really cheeky messages like, “Thanks for the nice night” or just Wink emoji. Other times they’re completely innocent like, “Thanks for looking after Sophie” — at 1am in the morning? It’s awesome!

What has been the most surprising thing about running your workshops?

The sheer number of amazing people this city has, and their secret desire to play with flowers. Everyone has their own story and background, it’s been a really great experience for me meeting so many different people. I guess also it’s not everyday you get to meet and be taught flower design basics by and Aussie living in NYC? So everyone wins!

What’s your favourite flower? Why?

Argh! Such a hard question! Roses are timeless and never go out of fashion, and the sheer number of colors that are available now is just mind boggling. But Peonies and EVERY variety of Lily are a close second.

Let’s do something amazing together.

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