What kind of office accessory are you? Take our Quiz to Find Out!

What kind of office accessory are you? Take our Quiz to Find Out!

We made a very serious quiz based on very serious facts to help you find your inner office supply. Are you a stapler? Or a bobblehead? What if coffee is slowly taking over your sense of self? Let us, with our workspace knowledge, help you find the answers.

by Elisabeth Labelle

1) You receive an email about an office potluck happening this week, you respond with:

A. A GIF of ‘Salt Bae’ and his sprinkling move, making everyone looking at it feel a little weird inside.
B. Nothing, cause you’re the one who sent it.
C. Nothing, cause you ain’t got no time for this.

2) If we open your office drawer, we’re more likely to find:

A. Tylenol pills. Like a lot.
B. Everything neatly organized – shout out to your OCD skills!
C. A mask and a pair of earplugs.

3) What’s for lunch?:

A. The potluck.
B. Tylenol.
C. Gossip.

4) What are you listening to while you work?

A. Podcasts.
B. Gossip.
C. Taylor Swift.

5) What are you up to after work?

A. Does it really have an end?
B. Cocktails.
C. After what?

If you answered mostly A’s: Darth Vader Bobblehead

Enter the dark side of the workforce! Your laid-back attitude doesn’t always please your boss, but you certainly deserve a promotion for the cynical memes you add to your emails.

If you answered mostly B’s: A Stapler

You’re an office staple, literally! Everybody knows about you, because you enjoy both gossip and potlucks. You love bringing colleagues together and organizing stuff!

If you answered mostly C’s: Coffee Mug

You’re the coffee mug and the coffee mug is you. Or that is what you came to believe after so many hours of work, and a delirious migraine. Uh-oh! Did your workaholic tendencies just turn you into a double espresso?!

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