We are our Reader: Fashionista.com on Bringing Fashion News to the World

We are our Reader: Fashionista.com on Bringing Fashion News to the World

Every team has its own dynamic. The team at Fashionista.com are a dedicated bunch, working together (often on weekends) to ensure their readers (and 374k Instagram followers) are kept up-to-date on the latest fashion news, career opportunities and celebrity style.

We asked the tight-knit group of dedicated writers and editors how they tackle industry news, the importance of working as a team and why they love seeing celebrities “rebrand” themselves.

How would you define Fashionista’s mission statement?

Fashionista is a go-to resource for fashion industry insiders and those who aspire to be them. In addition to being quick to break and cover news accurately, we pride ourselves on being the first to profile the most relevant up-and-comers and companies in the business and on digging deeper into industry trends through regular investigative features.

We also report on topics like sustainability, diversity, social media, celebrity and music—specifically in the ways that they intersect with fashion. Those who want to work in fashion come to us for information on education, internships, guidance on how to make it in a given field, and, of course, actual job listings. Finally, our readers keep coming back because we don’t take fashion too seriously.

With all the different fashion content sites out there, how does the team pick the right subjects?

We like to use the guideline “we are our reader.” If our editors think a topic, person, trend or brand is interesting, we’re sure that it will resonate with our audience as well. There are lots of pitch meetings, brainstorms and discussions to fine-tune our angles and make sure they’re unique before we write our stories.

How do you divide tasks amongst the team?

Fashionista is very much an “all hands on deck” situation. We’re almost always plugged in and maintain constant communication with each other. There are a lot of late nights and we often work weekends, but we’re all in it together and everyone is willing to pitch in whenever needed. That’s part of the fun.


What’s the hardest part for your team when it comes to tackling big projects?

We only have seven editors and a two-person social media team, so we often struggle with a lack of resources and/or manpower. The ideas come quicker than we can complete them! Luckily, we have a wonderful stable of freelance writers to help us out, and we’re always on the hunt for new voices to add to the site.

What are some trends that your team loves at the moment?

In terms of industry trends, we’re currently fascinated with the shopping habits of Gen Z, the influencer economy, technological advances in the retail space, the modeling industry’s obsession with signing celebrity offspring (Paris Jackson, for example) and designers’ recent fixation on nostalgia, hip-hop culture and good ol’ irony. Who knew that Ikea-branded items would emerge as the pinnacle of cool? We’re also very into watching celebrities “rebrand” themselves through fashion as they enter different phases of their careers. Harry Styles in Gucci floral suits? Yes, please!

With so many digital platforms-the site—Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest—how do you define a strategy for each one?

Fashionista has a unique editorial voice, so we try to reflect that on social. Each caption is constructed in the same tone as the articles on the site and the images are chosen to represent the cool, fashion-geek readers of Fashionista. The site has become an authority for people who work in the industry and we thrive on breaking and getting news out as quickly as possible.

The Fashionista social channels have the responsibility to deliver the same essential news while at other times keeping it light by wishing North West a happy birthday. We like to think we’ve found a delicate balance that makes us an essential follow in a very crowded ecosystem.

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