The future of office: 4 predictions from CBRE & Kontor

The future of office: 4 predictions from CBRE & Kontor

In light of COVID-19, companies of all sizes are reassessing their office footprint and looking to give employees more flexibility to work remotely. So what will the future of office space look like?

In a recent webinar, David Cairns (Senior Vice President at CBRE) and Sam Dawson (Global Head of Flexible Office Transactions at Kontor) gave us their take on the future of work and the role flexible office solutions will play in a post-COVID world.

Watch the full webinar recording:

Below are their top 4 predictions: 

1. Offices aren’t going away! As companies give employees more flexibility to work remotely, HQs will most likely be smaller and serve a specific purpose: a place for collaboration, ideation, team meetings, and maintaining culture.

2. “Work from anywhere.” It’s unlikely that the future will be a world where we’re all logging on from our home offices. During the last few months of WFH, employees have proven to be just as productive as they would be in an office environment. Going forward, they’re going to want the freedom and flexibility to choose how, where, and why they work — and companies should be ready to adapt.

3. The “hub and spoke” office is evolving, especially for larger companies. In addition to a downsized HQ, we might see companies take up a network of smaller, flexible offices (sometimes located in the same market) designed for focused work or for specific team functions. This approach gives employees the flexibility to touch down in a productive space closer to where they live without having to commute or move near HQ.

4. The future is flexible…not only in ways of working but in the way businesses rent office space going forward. Companies of all sizes will turn to flexible, private turnkey office solutions as they focus on recovering and keeping their people safe.

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