Making your workspaces flexible

Making your workspaces flexible

Think about your favorite product. The app you use the most. The piece of clothing you always reach for. What is it about that thing that makes it your favorite? The design? The color? It’s ability to keep you endlessly connected?

If we were to guess, we’d say what makes that thing the thing you choose over and over again is its flexibility.

Let’s look at an example. Your phone. It’s likely the one thing you can’t live without. Why? Because it offers everything you need in one, simple place. It’s a watch, a camera, a walkman, a book, a movie and it slips easily into your pocket. Its use is flexible. The app you rely on the most? Maybe it’s Slack. No matter where you are, it allows you to stay informed and available. The garment that you’re forever wearing. Sure, it’s comfortable. But it probably matches just about everything you already own. It’s flexible. You see where we’re going with this, right?

Now, what if we told you that Breather is that thing but for offices? We are that thing that will make your work life easier. So easy in fact, that you probably won’t want to work without us.

Think of it this way, Breather doesn’t just provide peace-of-mind (no lease! no coworking neighbors! no extra fees!); what we provide is space as a service, a hassle-free office space that makes your work life easier by simply existing. And just like your favorite product, everything we offeraccess, choice, supportslips easily into your pocket.

First thing’s first, Breather doesn’t cost you anything unless you use it. There’s no subscription or sign-up fee and there’s certainly no 5 year lease (we hear those can be stressful). You only pay for the time you actually need. And when you show up at one of our modern workspaces, everything is already there for youdesks, chairs, cool design, wifi, a fridgeand if something’s missing, we can put it there. See? Flexible.

We also understand that a growing business is a business in-flux. One day the thing you need might be an extra meeting room and the next it’s a location in a trendy neighborhood for your marketing team offsite. Then suddenly the size of your team has exploded and you’re hunting for a satellite office for the new team in London. We’re flexible with that, too.

Maybe it’s not the things you need to be flexible but the space itself. Our workspaces are modular and can be arranged and rearranged to ensure teams get the most out of the location. Need room for 30 hard workers and their laptops, plus enough space for an all-hands town hall? Our workspaces are flexible like that. An office one minute and a presentation room the next. One caveat: you have to bring your own hype.

Find the perfect office space for growing your company.


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