Facing WFH Frustrations? 7 signs you need to take a breather.

Facing WFH Frustrations? 7 signs you need to take a breather.

Working from home during a pandemic isn’t quite the same as working remotely under normal circumstances. Whether you’re used to telecommuting, or this WFH set-up is brand-new to you, there are some adjustments you’ve probably made to your lifestyle in the last few weeks. Believe us, we’ve felt the struggle, too. We recently asked our team for their biggest WFH frustrations during these unusual and unprecedented times. Unsurprisingly, we found that we all share some of the same day-to-day gripes that come from unexpectedly turning your home into a home office. Take it from us, if you find yourself facing these annoyances repeatedly, it may be time to take a breather.

1. You’re discovering your home WiFi can’t support video calls.

Access to high-speed WiFi is integral to many business needs, and telecommuters know it can be especially frustrating to be stuck on lagging video conference calls. Looks like you took your IT team for granted all this time.

slow internet

2. It’s 3 PM and you haven’t eaten lunch.

Your day starts strong: You brush your teeth, make coffee, eat breakfast, and then get to work. Your calendar piles up with calls and tasks, and before you know it, it’s 3 PM. Your stomach is roaring because you missed lunch. You could really use the snacks back at the office right about now.

it's 3PM and you haven't eaten

3. You’re taking so many trips to the fridge.

On the flip side, without any structure to your days and left to your own devices, snacking has reached a new high. You find yourself making more frequent trips to the fridge than you ever thought possible, hoping new food will magically appear since you last checked 15 minutes ago.

You’re taking so many trips to the fridge.

4. The couch has a you-shaped imprint because you haven’t moved in hours.

Your new commute from the bed to the couch sure is short. And once you’re settled in for work, you really do get settled. Perhaps too settled. Call your lack of movement heads-down productivity. Call it your new workstation. Just don’t tell your beloved sit-stand desk, currently collecting dust back at the office.

dog on couch

5. You can’t stop scrolling through your feed.

We all know social media can be distracting. A 2018 Udemy study found that 62% of employees check their phones at the office — imagine how that figure may change (or grow!) when there’s no nosy desk neighbors or bosses to catch you in the act of scrolling while you’re on a deadline.

scrolling through phone

6. Your kid(s) are making a cameo in your virtual meetings.

When you’re working from home, every day seems to be a “Bring Your Child to Work” day, if inadvertently. No matter what room you’re in, your kids somehow find their way in your video calls, you can always hear the “Frozen” soundtrack playing in the background, and it feels impossible to find a peaceful place to make important calls.

kids interrupting video call

7. Your roommate’s calls are getting on your last nerve.

Suddenly, your polite roommate has never heard of manners — or headphones. You’d do anything to escape their long, loud conversations for some peace and quiet or even the ambient typing sounds of your office.

putting on headphones

If running into these situations is getting in the way of your productivity, it may be time to take a breather.

Log off for a few minutes to practice mindful meditation, take a walk around the block if you can, change locations for some new scenery — or even establishing a simple morning routine can be impactful.

inhale, exhale


No matter what you’re frustrated with as you WFH, remember that it’s OK — and even important — to take a breather during moments of stress. Ultimately, it’s a privilege to WFH during this time, and while it’s valid to feel frustrated with day-to-day gripes, those moments will always blow over. We are in unusual and unprecedented times, so cut yourself and the people around you some slack.

Are you feeling WFH struggles? We want to hear from you. Find on us @Breather on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and tell us about why you need to #takeabreather.

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